Will Ronda Rousey Retire Soon?

rondaThe MMA world is going crazy about a recent comment Ronda Rousey made on the Ellen Degeneres show, where she stated her next fight will be one of her last. The worlds baddest woman, outside of Cris Cyborg to most educated mixed martial fans, might just retire soon. On the other hand, it might be an orchestrated publicity stunt to generate interest in her upcoming fight with current champ Amanda Nunes.
Ronda certainly does not need the money. Between her successful MMA career, movies and numerous endorsements, she has made millions of dollars before the age of 30. The question to ask is this. Has Ronda Rosey lost her passion to fight, or is she afraid of stepping into the octagon to face Holly Holm or even worse Cris Cyborg. The vaunted Brazilian Cyborg, who looks like a prop from a Friday the 13th movie, has been begging Rosey for a fight for years. The only problem is she can’t make the 135 pound bantamweight weight limit and Ronda refuses to go up in weight. What do you think? Will Ronda retire without ever fighting Holly Holm in a rematch or face down Cyborg in the octagon?

I already did it
I already did it

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