Will Michael Jordan’s Chicago Mansion ever Sell?

Michael Jordan has been successful at almost everything he tries. That includes being the best basketball player to ever live and becoming the sports worlds first bona fide billionaire. Mj has one big problem though that he can’t seem to fix. Years ago the famous sports star moved to southern Florida where the warm weather, year round gold and low taxes suited him better than the windy city.

He put his mansion on the market for a whopping $29 million about 5 years ago and didn’t get an assist from a single buyer. The 55,000 square foot Highland Park mega property comes with an indoor basketball court, pool shaped like a basketball goal and other custom features. The price on this unique property has been reduced multiple times and now is set at $14,855,000, which believe it or not adds up to 23. This means the estate has been slashed nearly in half, with still no slam dunk sale.

So why in the heck won’t Michael’s home sell? According to one veteran Chicago real estate broker, the home has too many custom features. This includes MJs number on the front gate, a basketball court with his logo and custom furniture throughout that reflects Michael’s uniqueness. The extreme customization has turned off a lot of buyers who would then need to spend millions on remodeling it. So perhaps Michael should just keep it and rent it out. Another option is the notorious cheap Jordan will finally be boxed into lowering it below $10 million and see if it will then finally sell.

I already did it
I already did it

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