Two Men Charged with the Death of Former New York Knick Michael Wright

michaelA sad story in the world of sports and especially for New York Knicks fans.  Two men have been arrested and charged with the death of former Knick basketball player Michael Wright.  The basketball standouts body was found in his automobile on a Brooklyn New York street, according to Bergen County area Prosecutor.

Charges have been handed down to Mark A Holdbrooks, age 59 and David Victor, age 35.  They both have been charged with murder, after a year long investigation into the case.  Authorities did not go into detail into the cause of death other than to say there was extensive head trauma.

Holdbrooks, Wright’s longtime roommate, allegedly reported him missing on November 8, 2015, Grewal said. Wright’s body was found two days later in Brooklyn, covered by a large garbage bag inside his own car. Grewal did not specify a motive or mention how Wright was killed, but said he had suffered significant “head trauma.”  The sad part of the story is one of the accused murderers, Mark Holdbrooks, was a long time roommate of Mr. Wright.  Apparently, there is a connection to money and detectives speculate that former Arizona basketball star was murdered in a plan to extract money from his estate.  Prayers go out to Michael’s family and especially his young daughter.

I already did it
I already did it

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