Thrill Seeking Swimmers Find Out the Hard Way Why It’s Called the Pool of Death


The ocean is a wild and untamed force. It can be calm one minute and show its full fury the next. Anyone who steps into the ocean must respect its awesome power and way the risks. Every year people die in the ocean from rip currents and powerful waves. Even professional surfers die almost every year from drowning. The ocean is to be enjoyed but also respected.

Recently, amazing footage out of Hawaii showed three young swimmers tempting their own fate. They jumped into a famous spot known as the “pool of death.”

The video was filmed at Kauai Hawaii in a tidal sinkhole. Three young kids are having fun, jumping off the sides totally carefree, when a huge current comes crashing in. They stand on the edge of the cliff with water spraying down on them from all sides. When another wave comes crashing in, they are thrown into the “pool of death.”

This swimming hole is one of the most dangerous places to swim on the planet. It can be totally calm one moment and violent the next. These three kids end up fighting for their lives. Thankfully they are strong swimmers and remained calm. At the end of the video, two of the kids made it to safety unharmed but the third kid was still battling the current. It’s not known if these kids jumped back in again, but they surely now have more respect for the power of the ocean.

It is not known how many people have died in the “pool of death.” It is a spot for only the strongest swimmers who know the risks and are not afraid to die. For those that survive, they definitely cheat death. Check out this wild video. If you are ever in Hawaii, stop by this amazing swimming spot but don’t even think about jumping in, unless you want to tempt fate.

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