Street Dog Gets Stuck in Tar & Was Close To Death But Rescuers Refused To Give Up


You can usually tell a street dog just by looking at it. They are normally very afraid of humans, dirty and malnourished. At any moment, a homeless dog can die from a variety of reasons, like poison, starvation, disease and abuse by humans.

In Udaipur India, a homeless dog was found in a barrel, trapped in sticky tar. The frightened dog could not move and was near death.  Thankfully, Animal Aid Unlimited of India was called in to help try and rescue the dog. They could not believe the scene when they arrived. She was hyperventilating, scared and covered in tar, which made it impossible to move. The volunteer rescuers needed to act fast.

Rescuers believed she went into the drum to try and escape the cold. Her body heat then melted the tar while she was asleep. When she awoke, the tar had hardened and she could not free herself. When the rescuers came, she had so little energy, she could not move at all and seemingly had given up hope. The team first gave her water and gently petted her, trying to gain her trust. Next, they had to cut the steel drum in half and take her to the vet.

Then began a marathon process of removing the tar. The volunteers spent over 8 hours working tirelessly on her and finally cut away all of the tar of her mangled body. After the long ordeal the crew gave her a name – Asha.  Now, Asha is no longer a street dog. She’s made an amazing recovery and is healthy, happy and in a loving home. This reminds us all there are still good people out there doing amazing things.

Props to Animal Aid Unlimited of India. Watch this amazing video and share it with your friends. This is one rescue you will never forget.

I already did it
I already did it

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