Serena Williams is So Ready For Summer

Can you say hot, as in summer “bodylicious!”  Serena is already in peak mid-summer shape and it’s only April.  The 25 year old #1 ranked female tennis player is sporting a thong bikini and it is taking the web by storm.  The girl from Compton ain’t got no shame in her game.  Her curvy body has never looked so fit.  She obviously wants to keep her body in tip top shape, not only for her tennis career, but for her new man Alexis Onanhian.  He is the millionaire co-founder of Reddit and also Serena’s fiancé.

Serena has been sporting bikinis for years and loves showing off her muscular yet feminine physique.  She’s posed for numerous magazines but was super nervous being in the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.  She sported a Brazilian thong in that spread and showed off her booming backside.  Serena even was quotes as saying, “I’m a thong girl now and feel so comfortable wearing them.”

What’s next for the superstar athlete, a trip to a clothing optional beach?  Serena plans to stay on top of her tennis game for years to come and also show off her sexiness, whenever she can.

I already did it
I already did it

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