President Elect Trump gets New Job as Dog Walker

Donald Trump stopped by his luxurious hotel in Chicago and decided to spend the day working “in the same shoes” as his employees. He did four jobs in all, to the surprise of shocked customers. The first job he did was a bellman and ended up getting a dog-walking call. The bombastic Trump was seen, leash and all, walking the streets of Chicago with a tiny dog. Talk about getting his ego in check. Next, Donald worked as a room service waiter. He almost ate the ordered hamburger on the way to the room. He then decided to spend a little time in the “cleaning services” department and was promptly told how to properly clean a bathroom. The soon to be president never got around to cleaning the toilet though.

Not sure if President Trump will be as “hands on” once he gets elected, but his ego might not be as big as everyone thinks it is. Donald Trump truly seems to care for his customers and even more for his employees.

I already did it
I already did it

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