Poker Player Loses 70 Pounds in 6 Months and Wins a $1 Million Dollar Bet!


Most people have a hard time losing weight because they’re just not motivated to give up all the yummy foods they crave. It takes strong will power and discipline to lose a significant amount of weight. It also helps if there’s a cash incentive to lose the fat. In the crazy fat loss story of Walter Fisher, 36, there was a boat load of cash offered to him, if he shed some weight.  The bet, made by his poker buddies, was he needed to lose about about 70 pounds and got down to 10% body fat in 6 months, to get $1 million in cash!

Fisher, who had ballooned up to 245 pounds, blamed his weight increase on all the rich food he was eating while working in a casino.  He told ABC news, “they have all these amazing, delicious restaurants and I started ordering plates by the truckload.” Fisher piled on the weight and didn’t even recognize himself in the mirror. He also started losing big at the poker table, really big. He got in debt of around $500,000 and fell into a depression, which fueled more bad eating.

His poker buddies put him up to an amazing bet. Shed the fat in 6 months and get a cool $1 million. Fisher started hitting the gym everyday and totally changed his diet. He basically camped out in the gym, working out some days for 10 hours!  After about 5 months, Fisher dropped an amazing 70 pounds and got his body weight down to 10%. His poker friends made good on their bet and Fisher walked away with $600,000. He claims that money was not his sole motivator. He wanted to be a good role model and show his nephews and nieces that you can achieve your goals through hard work and discipline. Fisher vows never to get that fat again, but says if he ever does, he will make another bet.

I already did it
I already did it

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