Owner Drags “Playing Dead” Husky Home After 2 Hours of Park Fun

Dogs Just wanna have fun, lots of fun. This adorable Siberian Husky loved the park so much, he wants to stay there all day. The thought of going home sends him into a serious temper tantrum. When the owner refuses to give into the wining Husky, the dog lays down and plays dead.

The owner of Hatchi is confused and not sure what to do. It pulls tightly on the leash and the dog digs in. Next, the patience has run out, as the owner resorts to dragging the dog all the way to the doorway. He commands the dog to get up, but this is one battle of wills being played out.

This dog seems like it would rather die than go home. The owner finally gives up and the dog thinks it won. Enjoy this adorable video.

I already did it
I already did it

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