Mom Texts Dead Son & is Shocked When She Gets a Text Back

Nothing is more painful than losing a child. Carole Adler got the heart breaking call no mother ever wants to get. Her son Taylor Thyfault was killed in a dangerous high-speed chase while he was in training to become a trooper.

Ever since the accident, she’s been texting his old phone, as a way of dealing with the horrible grief. She didn’t expect to get a reply, but she did. Watch the video and see what an amazing person Taylor was. From an early age he wrote down 25 life goals and set out to achieve every one of them. They were:

-Join the Army & be the best that I can be
-Go bungee jumping
-Get married
-Start a family
-Buy an English Bull Dog & name him Diesel
-Swim with sharks
-Visit Hawaii
-Visit the tribe I’m from (Saquangue Lakota Oyate)
-Save a life
-Coach a Lacrosse team
-Graduate from high school
-Get a masters part time in the military
-Get a job
-Buy my own truck
-Wrestle an alligator
-Meet the MTV Jackass crew
-Buy my Quad
-Play football for a minor league
-Go cliff diving
-Volunteer in the community
-Go to Alaska
-Be there for all of the people that have been there for me
-Never get arrested
-Travel to Oktoberfest in Germany
-Be the best man, husband, son, soldier, and friend as possible

As you can see, many of the goals were selfless and giving. He didn’t dream of a Ferrari or mansion. His mom was his biggest fan and will forever have Taylor in her heart.

I already did it
I already did it

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