Mayweather Eyeing Pac for 50th Pro Fight


A real famous spectator showed up Saturday night at the Thomas and Mack arena in Las Vegas to watch Manny Pacquiao battle it out with Jessie Vargas. That was of course the infamous, money man Floyd Mayweather. He made his entrance into the arena to cheers, just before the main event, alongside a throng of bodyguards. Asked later why he was at the fight and Mayweather just said he was just “taking his daughter out to the fight.”

That might be true but fans are eagerly anticipating another battle between Mayweather and the Pacman. If the boxing match goes down, it would be Floyd’s 50th pro fight. If he’s victorious, he will set the mark for most wins of any pro boxer. Pressed later if he intends to fight Pac for the title, Mayweather would give no specifics. There was however that smile and excitement in his eyes that have boxing fans gearing up for another huge showdown. If I were betting on it happening, I would bet on the rematch in May of 2017. Would you pay $99 to watch Mayweather Pacman 2?

I already did it
I already did it

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