Man With Devastat8 Tattooed on His Face Wonders Why No One Will Hire Him


Tattoos are more popular than ever these days.  There are tattoo shops all over that will ink you, in just about any part of your body, including your face. While most of us would never consider planting ink permanently on our face, this is exactly what New Zealander Mark Cropp, 19 did. The tattoo aficionado decided to get his face inked after he had a bit too much to drink in a Christchurch prison.

Apparently they must brew some serious mind-alerting stuff in that prison, because the idea to put DEVASTAT8 on his face was born.  Mark thought if he got his face tattooed up, he would look more menacing in prison. The problem was he didn’t think about getting a job after he got out. The teen had only been out of prison for 2 weeks but was rejected on all of his job interviews, with some people full out laughing at him and saying, “are you serious, you want a job with that crazy tattoo on your face.”

The socially savvy Cropp then decided to take to social media after numerous rejections. To his surprise, he got numerous offers, so many that he now has his pick of jobs. He also plans on getting that tattoo removed, but his girlfriend has grown to love it and wants him to keep it. So would you hire someone with DEVASTAT8 inked on their face?

I already did it
I already did it

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