James Harden Plays Game 6 Like He’s Bored of Basketball – Then Hits the Club Hard


So you make about a million dollars a week – yah talking about you James Harden – during the NBA season playing freaking basketball, not including endorsements of course. The fans have to shell out big bucks just for parking to see their favorite players.  This doesn’t even include the crazy ticket prices and $8 stacked ice and coke drinks. What do the fans ask for? They just want their hometown players to give 100% and leave it all out there on the floor every night.

So it is potentially the last game of the 2016-2017 regular season with game 6 of the playoffs vs the San Antonio Spurs. Your best player goes into a coma on the floor and scores a season low 10 points? Obama could have come out of vacation and scored 10 points!  Even worse, after the game Harden was seen partying all out at a local strip club. Is this not the ultimate evidence that NBA players just make too much money and don’t care. They get guaranteed money after all. That means they get paid whether they win or lose, play hard or soft. Apparently Harden decided to play soft until he got to the strip club.

I already did it
I already did it

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