Ivanka Trump Blasts a Golf Ball in High Heels!


Some people have brains and not much else.  Then there are those that are blessed with seemingly everything. Ivanka Trump is the envy of most women. She’s a former model, smart, successful, rich and now there’s evidence of her athletic prowess.

The 34 year-old Ivanka Trump was hanging out with some LPGA golf pros and was challenged to take a swing. Not one to back down from a dare, Ivanka stepped right up in high heels no less and stroked a perfect shot. Her golf swing looks better than the pros, what a natural!

Ivanka posted the video on Instgram and said “I’ve got a few players here who are materially better at golf than me and pretty much every other female on the planet – and many males included.”

It looks like Ivanka could probably be a pro golfer but she is too busy these days adding to the Trump legacy and fortune.

I already did it
I already did it

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