Is Winifer Fernandez The Hottest Volleyball Player or What?


Winifer Hernandez is one amazing volleyball player. She currently plays on the Dominican Republic national team as a defensive specialist. She is one dynamo on the volleyball court and can dig just about any spike. She also is one of the most beautiful volleyball athletes in the world. She has an amazing toned body but her eyes can melt a glacier.

At just 22 years old, she hasn’t even entered her prime yet. Winifer stands just 5’7 but plays much bigger than her small frame. She moves like a tiger on the court and will dive for any ball, anywhere.  Unlike the Men’s basketball players, who darn near wear dresses as uniforms, Winifer likes short shorts. That means the shorter the better. They’re almost like panties that hold snug to her backside. Winifer has my vote as the hottest volleyball babe!

I already did it
I already did it

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