Husband Burns Wife Then Leaves Her But She Refused to Die Or Give Up On Life

A young and brave woman has spoken out after a horrific accident. Courtney Waldon, just 27 years old, was sitting around a campfire when her husband decided the fire needed a boost. He squirted an accelerant onto the fire and Courtney immediately was engulfed by the flames. She recounts, “I thought I was dying, the worst pain I’ve ever felt, but it’s made me stronger today.”

Waldon was in an induced coma for more than a month and nearly passed away. She spent 51 days in the hospital and is still recovering both physically and emotionally. Just two weeks after she went back home, her husband left her for another woman, leaving her lonely and sad.

She reached inside and found an inner strength to persevere and live for her young daughter. Over $140,000 has been raised to to help Courtney via a GoFundMe page. Please consider helping out.

I already did it
I already did it

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