Girl Gets Dragged Down California Freeway and Walks Away Alive!


Motorist on a Southern California Freeway witnessed a young woman hanging off the side of a moving vehicle. Apparently this young couple was not getting along and having one nightmarish day. The desperate woman frantically tries to hold onto the car, as she is being dragged down the freeway.  If she let go, it could result in a serious injury or even death.

Whether she wanted to get out of the car or was forced out, it’s not clear in the video. What is clear is this, she was in extreme danger and the driver did not stop. Thankfully the car slowed down enough for the woman to jump off. She didn’t appear to be seriously injured.

This appears to be an attempted murder assault case, as he willfully didn’t stop and endangered the life of the dangling passenger. Nearby drivers called the California Highway Patrol, but the guy was long gone by the time authorities reached the scene. Friends don’t let friends hang off a car like that.



I already did it
I already did it

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