Girl Dangles off Ride 25 Feet High Then Falls into the Arms of Strangers


On a ride at Six Flags in upstate New York, a 14 year old teenager dangled hopelessly about 25 feet high, after slipping under the seat bar. Spectators gathered around and told her to jump and they would catch her. She hesitated for a few moments, then plunged downward, where several bystanders caught her. She was then taken to Albany Medical Center and did not suffer any serious injuries, according to a county spokesperson.

Several people took video of the terrifying ordeal. It appeared the teen had her neck stuck in the “Sky Ride” and could not get loose. She finally broke free but then had to overcome her fear of falling. If it were not for the hero’s that caught her, she could have been seriously injured. Props to everyone that helped save this young teenager.

I already did it
I already did it

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