Elephant Saves Drowning Man

elephantWe always think of dogs as mans best friend but Elephants can be loyal too. Footage has surfaced showing trainer Darrick Thomson losing his footing and drifting away in a swift river in Thailand. Nearby, a five year old elephant named Kham Lha spotted the desperate trainer and took off down river to save him. The elephant quickly used its trunk as a lifeline and dragged the man to safety.

It seems the trainer was only conducting an experiment to see what would happen if he were in danger. Well, it appears there is a real bond between the two, as the elephant could have watched the tiny human drown unconcerned. What is even more remarkable is elephant Kham was rescued from human captivity. She was beaten daily into submission for the purpose of training her to be a tourist prop.
Despite the abuse by humans, Mr. Thompson gained the trust of the large animal and the two have an “unbreakable bond” now. The question of the day is, would you ever test your life in a similar situation to an animal?

I already did it
I already did it

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