Drone Racing is Becoming a Big Money Sport

Remote drones are not just for dropping in on your neighbors pool party. There is a new craze sweeping the country, drone racing.  Racing is as American as apple pie and ice cream but no-one ever suspected this.

There is an upstart league that plans on offering hefty prize money to these “buzzing athletes.” There is already the Dubai World Drone Prix that will be held in March. The competition has prize money totaling $1 million USD. That is enough dough to get any “droners” attention.

Now it seems Britain is also getting in on the action. Sky has decided to put up $1 million for a 10 episode drone-racing series that will be televised around the world. The deal will feature competition in the U.S. and then in Great Britain. No word if the sport will take off or if viewers will tune in to watch these tiny flying machines race. Do you think this is the next hot sport?

I already did it
I already did it

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