Did Lebron James Steal Steph Curry’s Heart


Despite winning the NBA MVP during the regular 2015-2016 season and wins record of 73 games, Steph Curry had a nightmare finals ending. That nightmare was Lebron James coming out of nowhere and making one of the most incredible blocks in basketball history. It ended up giving Cleveland its first ever NBA championship. It seems Lebron did more than win the series, though; he might have taken Steph Curry’s heart as well. Steph just doesn’t look the same this year and just went 0 for 10 in three-pointers, in a game against the hapless Lakers.

Will this devastating loss last year in game 7 haunt Steph the rest of his career, or will he bounce back and play like the league’s MVP?

Perhaps Steph is going to drift through the regular season and get revenge against Lebron and company in next year’s playoffs with a dominant championship run.

I already did it
I already did it

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