Cleveland Cavs Dominate Boston Celtics in Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals


I don’t think anyone was shocked that the Cleveland Cavaliers won game one, but not too many people expected a complete blowout. That’s what happened in the Cavs dominant 117-104 win over the Boston Celtics. The score is a bit deceiving as it wasn’t really that close. The Cavs jumped out to a lead in the 1st quarter and never looked back.

Lebron was totally dominant and looked fresh out there.  He chipped in 38 points and made it look easy. Size does matter in the NBA and The King made 5’9 Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas look well… 5’9.  Isaiah is one of the smallest players in the league but loves a big challenge. He had his hands full Wednesday night, perhaps too full. He started talking trash in the third quarter and then got a big message delivered his way via a hard dunk by Lebron James.

The King spoke load and clear. Although his hairline is receding and he looks like he’s pushing 40, Lebron can still ball.  He sent a message that he’s still the best basketball player in the world and the other teams better take notice. It’s the NBA playoffs and crunch time. Lebron James is hungry and ready for another championship title.

I already did it
I already did it

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