Brad Pitt Files for Joint Custody and Angelina is Furious


Brad Pitt is standing up to Angelina Jolie in their divorce drama. The Hollywood actor just filed a response to Angelina’s recent petition, demanding both joint physical and legal custody of their six children. This has enraged Angelina Jolie, and she is fighting back. Jolie requested to the court that she have sole custody and Brad only being allowed limited visitation.

The power couple has had serious disagreements about how their children are to be raised, which seemed to expedite the divorce. Now they are locked in a big battle for custody. The couple’s lawyers have been trying to negotiate favorable terms the last few weeks, but it appears Angelina won’t back down on her demands for full custody. This will likely drag on for many more months and scar the children permanently emotionally.

Who do you think should get custody, Brad or Angelina?

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I already did it
I already did it

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