7 Year Old Girl Rescues Rejected Ugly Cat, Then the Transformation Begins


Some people are just too superficial. They only care about looks and fail to see the inner beauty. This poor cat was mistreated and neglected. It had severe deformities, broken teeth and was dirty all over.

The cat was left for dead by a dumpster, when a little 7 year old girl from Istanbul rescued it. She gave it the one thing it needed, unconditional love. With approval form her parents, she took the poor cat to a veterinarian and got it cleaned up. Then the cat underwent several surgeries and began to recover, both physically and emotionally. When she finally took the cat home she gave it the name Gulumser, which means “she who smiles.”

Today, the little girl and Gulumser are inseparable. Props to this 7 year old truly who understands true beauty.

I already did it
I already did it

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